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Design & Craftsmanship

ReThink . ReDefine


Design inspiration

Customers are our design inspiration, since we provide custom made fine jewelry that starts with customer imagination and our designers strive to create masterpieces from that imagination. They create the piece exact as per customer requirements from re-making an heirloom jewelry, or simply replicate an image, or modifying an existing piece of jewelry as needed.

Once inspiration takes hold our designers put pencil to paper and sketch potential designs, and make sure that their vision can be translated for the real world. Not just artistry, but jewelry design is also architecture and engineering played out on minute scale. After conceptualizing and sketching a design, it is often rendered as a computer model. Finally, the pieces are brought to life by our master jewelers, who employ both traditional artistry and the latest production techniques to create pieces worthy of your once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

Design & Craftsmanship

ENNFUSION LLC,  crafts very high quality custom diamond and fine jewelry using state of the art setting techniques to set the gemstones making them extremely secured from falling or breaking giving extreme clean and brilliant look to the product. All our custom orders are hand-crafted by expert jewelers and are made in the United States. Each piece is examined under 10X magnification to ensure gemstones are perfectly aligned and securely set, and that the precious metal has no imperfections. Our patented gemstone setting technique makes us different from the rest of the world

We exclusively work with hand-selected gemstones and every gemstone is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards. We have jewelers with decades of experience and the utmost dedication to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the crafting of your jewelry.