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Ennfusion is your source for 3D Printers. Our Brand KKRobotic specializes in UV LED DLP 3D Printer with Speed, Accuracy and Affordability for Jewelry Industry...


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3D Printer Technology

UV LED DLP projector, Super Sturdy, Durable & long-lasting projector lamp life



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Ultra High Speed

Print at a speed of up to 2000 Layers per hour and still maintain high precision and surface finish


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Ease of Use

Software are intuitive and easy to use


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Explore the Revolution in 3D Printing Technology

Industrial grade for high strength applications. Fast curing material for high speed printing. Cast-able material for direct casting, Industrial grade for high strength applications. Fast curing material for high speed printing.

A few things we great at...

We design, develop and manufacture industrial grade, high precision 3D Printers. Currently, our range of SLA/DLP 3D Printers serves the jewelry industry, hearing aid manufacturers, dental labs, educational institutions, design studios and precision casting service providers.


Speed & Accuracy

kkrobotic brings for the first time high-resolution and speed together at great affordability in UV LED DLP 3D Printer. Our Micro Protojet series has redefined accuracy, speed, simplicity, and affordability in all professional grade 3D printers across the globe.

A-Grade Consrtuct

Our advance R&D and cutting-edge technology has led us in constructing a 3d printer that uses industrial grade mechanical parts of highly superior quality that are extreme durable. It uses LED projector with equal light uniformity and long lasting led light source.

Set-up & Install

Set up and Installation of printer take only couple minutes. Videos and other details are found in support section on our website for machine assembly and installation. Online support and training program will be provided by our highly trained technical support staff.

Customer Service

Last but not the least, our greatest strength is our experienced technical support staff, who can resolve any technical issues. Got any tech questions or stuck somewhere? Our engineers are available on phone/chat round the clock to solve your queries.


For models that require high surface finish (jewelry) and high detailing level, KKROBOTIC 3D Printers are the best choice. There are virtually no visible layer lines. Wax Print can be used directly without requiring extra post processing for removing layer lines. 

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